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Treadmill Running Machine Advice  Treadmills are the most popular piece of gym equipment bought for the home. Treadmills running machines are the best aerobic exercise machines available. The more common running machines manufacturers include, Horizon, Reebok, Proform, Powerjog, Bh Fitness and Weslo.

The price of your treadmill.....will depend upon the size of belt, maximum speed, size of motor, number of programmes, elevation? foldable? and build quality.

Whether you are training for a marathon or just want to get trim for the beach, the right treadmill is of paramount importance. Running burns off more calories than any other sport, therefore Treadmill Running Machines are the most effective calorie burner.  Visit our nutrition page and count your calories

What to look for when buying a treadmill.  The larger the belt, in term of length and width, the more expensive the machine is liable to be, however the larger it is the more comfortable it will be to use. Treadmills have different types of shock absorption, some more "natural" than others, to run on. Elevation is more expensive and may not be necessary, it is your choice. You may find that a programmable running machine is necessary, as you can gauge your fitness over a period of time. The most important part of a running machine is the size of the motor. This must have a continuous duty of 2 horse power.   HOW TO USE A TREADMILL

How to compare treadmill motors.. When comparing treadmills, there are three ways in which they may be compared. Continuous duty, horse power and peak power. Naturally the faster you want to run the more powerful the motor has to be. If you are planning to run rather than walk, a treadmill with a speed of 10mph is of adequate. Many machines have speeds of up to 10mph but any quicker than this and the price does increase. 

Build quality..A welded frame is by far the most durable. The treadmill deck should be easy to and easy to clean and only require an occasional spray of silicone to keep it running smoothly. Another important aspect is the type of running belt. Two-ply belts are often stronger, sometimes reversible  and are less likely to curl at the sides compared to one-ply belts.                        

Are programmes necessary to motivate you? Without a doubt, programmes will motivate you and you can test your fitness against the different programmes on offer. After some time however, you may find that they, like many accessories are not needed. The elevation of a machine is something which you may specifically need, this is a personal choice but you will pay more for this.

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Heart rate monitors are the "must have " accessory for all runners, necessary? only if you have the money. They are a useful piece of equipment which many runners use daily on the road. These are now available on most running machines and can be a useful addition to a runners tools.

Where to place running machines Although these machines are generally the same size, they are not small and would be most obtrusive in the average kitchen, so the placement must be thought of, before one buys. A folding treadmill is not a compromise, they are as good as a non folding machine, for domestic use. If however you consider that it may have to be more sturdy, used daily by your family, a commercial treadmill may have to be considered.

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