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Running Logs,
Maintaining your schedule AND your motivation

Your personal record of your training schedule

A running log is your own record of your running. This may be as simple as the calendar on the kitchen wall and you write when you run every day.

You may however wish to write down more information, such as:

How far you ran, or...
The duration of your run.
The time of day you ran.
How you felt.
What you have eaten.
Which running shoes you were wearing.
Your average and peak heart rate.

Some runners take their logs keeping to the extreme and record their weight, pulse rate, how much sleep they had, who they ran with, where they ran, their menstrual cycle and heart rate, etc and then down load this onto a computer when they get back!

Our advice is to keep it simple. The last thing a beginner wants to know is how unfit they really are! Do not try to time your runs. Check the clock before you go and check how long you have been jogging when you get back - to the nearest 5 minutes is good enough.

Paul, from Run in the Sun, keeps a simple running log and records each run, which he measures with a surveyor's wheel, and the time taken to cover the various distances. It is simple and works for Paul, he does not need any more information.

Why have a log?

Running logs do have a purpose. They will help you to track your progress and keep you to your training schedule, if you have one. Many runners find their running log is a very important part of their motivation.

It will help you to keep a check on your mileage and the condition of your shoes. Your shoes actually start to feel good after months of use - so good you are not aware that they are not worn out.

How to record the information

Many people keep their log in a notebook, or in their diary. Some use an electronic diary, such as a Palm Pilot or a Psion Organiser and others use a simple spreadsheet.

There is also a wide range of specialist software available on the internet, designed for athletes to track their programmes.

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